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Electrical Testing

Why is domestic board testing so important?

Board Testing in Domestic Situations is vital to ensure the highest standards of Safety and adherence to regulations.

By checking and testing your Domestic fuseboard/consumer unit, our engineers can determine any faults or potential issues in your homes circuits. Issues can develop over time, due to poor construction practices or from low quality materials used.

In older properties there may also be a lack of bonding or circuits may not be earthed correctly or even at all in some cases. This causes a significant risk of Electric Shocks or even Fire hazards that can cause devastating damage to homes.

Electrician installing plug socket during house rewire near me

One way of preventing and reducing the risks significantly is by having a domestic safety test booked in with Electrical999. By booking a board test with an NICEIC registered company, like Electrical999, you know you can rely on our expert and trusted advice.

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