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House Rewire Electricians

Expert House Rewire Electricians

One Call Electricians are House Rewire Specialists. We have completed many complete and partial house rewires in a wide variety of properties:

Our skilled electrical engineers have a vast amount of experience in rewiring houses and will make sure that all the work carried out will be done quickly, on time and to a high standard.
Electrician installing plug socket during house rewire near me

Does my house really need a re-wire?

If your house was built or hasn’t been rewired since the 1980s or thereabouts, then there’s a good chance that you will need to rewire your house. Old wiring can be unsafe as the protective sheathing deteriorates over time leading to serious fire risks.

You should check if your wiring is covered in either rubber, fabric or paper (yes, really!) then you should look at getting your house rewired as soon as you can. This dated wiring will be unsafe.

Other signs of problems can be exposed copper in wiring, and event the modern PVC coated cabled can corrode or wear away leaving the core exposed which could case a short circuit. A short circuit could cause either a fire or electrocution. Any surface wiring in your house could also be unsafe, and it’s not very nice to look at, so yet another reason to consider a house rewire.

How much does it cost to rewire a house?

Unfortunately we cannot say straight away how much it will cost to rewire your house without a complete site inspection. This inspection is completely free and without obligation. The electrical engineer who visits your property will not be a pushy sales person. They will carry out the inspection and naturally notify you of any urgent attention your property may need if there is some aspect of your electrical circuits that is unsafe. We will then provide you with a full quotation that will list everything needed and the work and materials required to complete your installation.

We believe you will find all our quotations very competitive and we are certain that our attention to detail the pride we take in our work will assure you that you getting the very best of service at a fair price.

How long will it take to rewire my house?

Typically, it takes around 2-3 days for our team to rewire an average sized home. Ideally, your home will be as empty as possible when we come to rewire it. The less furniture and clutter in the rooms, the faster your electricians can work. We will have to lift floorboard and cut channels into your walls for the cabling so empty rooms mean faster, unhindered work.

What’s involved in rewiring my house?

Rewiring a house is an invasive and messy process. We will ensure that the work is done as quickly as possible to minimise the upset to your home. As well as installing new cabling, we will also fit new back boxes for all the plug sockets and light switches. All the sockets and switches will have new covers of your choice. We’ll also fit new lighting and any outside lights that you need. All the switches, lights and appliance wiring can be positioned to your liking, and we’ll help you make the most of your rewire and help you decide the best and safest place for all your new outlets. All your new wiring will be safely secured and sheathed before the floorboards and plastering is replaced.

Electrical Certification after house rewire

All our house rewire work will be certified as safe by electrical testing staff. We are fully qualified for issue of Part P Certification and we are NICEIC registered. This means that all the work carried out when we rewire your house is completely safe and compliant to all local authority and insurance company standards. Once the work is completed on the house we will issue the electrical safety certificate immediately, usually to arrive in the post the following day. You can read more about building regulations in this Build-It magazine guide.

Do you need a house rewire?

If you think you need a house rewire, contact us on 0370 319 9902 or email us We will happily provide you with a free, no obligation quotation for your house rewire.

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